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More inane trivia than ever before! Be bored! Enhance your yawning skills now!

OK, I have nothing of interest to say today, so I’m copying Danigirl and cheating.

1. I am 30.

2. I am fine with being 30.

3. I work for Big Government.

4. I do not, in fact, cackle with glee over how we successfully wrest people’s hard-earned money from them in the form of taxes, only to play dominos and eat bonbons.

5. Actually, I too pay taxes.

6. If you didn’t pay taxes, you would have no toilets. No running water. No electrical supply. Your house would be unsafe. There would be no roads, no sewers, no schools. Factories would be located next to children’s parks and wildlife preserves–if you were lucky enough to have children’s parks and wildlife preserves. There would be no police or fire service. No stoplights or stop signs. NO gates at railway crossings; the trains would just mow cars down. No airports. Anyone could drive; no licenses. Anyone could practice medicine or psychiatry; no licenses. No jails. No jail guards. Nobody to clean up toxic spills when companies dump a load and run out of town. No parks. No street lamps. No storm drains. The sockets for all of your electrical gadgets would require different kinds of outlets. There would be no labour legislation. I could go on. My essential point is that without us tax-sucking civil servant leaches, life as you know it would be nasty, brutish and short.

7. I’m just sayin’.

8. I have a daughter who just turned 18 months old.

9. Clearly we are stuck in some kind of time warp, because I feel both that it has been much longer and much shorter than 18 months.

10. She has some undiagnosed genetic syndrome resulting in short stature, possibly 3-M Syndrome.

11. I have type 1 diabetes.

12. And asthma.

13. And insomnia.

14. The combination really sucks.

15. I have been married for almost six years to a bang-up guy.

16. He’s 10 years older than I am.

17. He has a wonky shoulder that is prone to dislocating at odd moments.

18. Yes, we are a family of broken people.

19. But we live in a nice house in a nice neighbourhood and have nice jobs as tax-sucking civil servant leaches.

20. I dropped out of my Master’s after I went back to work from maternity leave.

21. The coursework was easy and I liked the classes, but the commute took forever–as in, longer than the classes took.

22. So yes, I dropped out of my Master’s program halfway through because of commuting.

23. I am still unsure of this decision.

24. I am an aries.

25. I don’t think that is meaningful in any way.

26. But I am very stubborn.

27. I am a witch.

28. And a feminist.

29. And an anarchist.

30. If my political and religious beliefs were any more fringe, I would be my own country.

31. And now that I think about it, it might not be such a bad idea.

32. I call myself a print slut. This is because I’ll read anything once, even if I hate it.

33. But actually that’s a lie, because I won’t read romance, western or horror. But anything else. Even if it’s crap.

34. I really like sci fi and fantasy, though, and can engage in a spirited and passionate debate about how they are valid genres with important literary works and standards.

35. Except don’t get me started on Robert Jordan or David Eddings.

36. I can properly define “radical feminist.”

37. But I’m not one, even though many think I am.

38. I got my undergrad degree in Environmental Studies.

39. Lots of people said or insinuated that it was a waste degree, similar to basketweaving. As far as I know, I am the only one of these people currently with a job in my field and anywhere close to paying off my student loans.

40. I am a much better writer than speaker.

41. I read poetry. I even read poetic criticism. Some of it is excellent. I don’t understand why it’s not more respected as an art form, more mainstream.

42. If you want an example, ANNE CARSON. Men in the off hours. If you don’t love it, I will die of shock.

43. Well, not really, no. Why must you be so literal?

44. I got married in a blue dress, the second time.

45. The first time I got married, I changed my name. I changed it when I divorced, and immediately realized that that name change had completely warped my personality. All of a sudden I was me again.

46. The second time I got married, I didn’t change my name. No weird personality changes.

47. I still get mail addressed to my name from my first marriage. You may guess how much this pisses me off, but you would probably be wrong.

48. This is in part from the federal government. Lousy tax-sucking civil servant leaches!

49. Last night I didn’t fall asleep until after 1:00 am. I get up at five. Very tired. I so love insomnia.

50. I know I owe Danigirl a meme! I haven’t forgotten. I just left my brain at home.

51. I have a big sweet tooth. If I could eat desert for dinner, I would. And I often do.

52. I have very high standards for my friends. Not in terms of a lot of standards–very few, but very high. For example, I don’t mind if we’re completely different politically and socially and have almost nothing in common. But if you judge me or tell me what to think and/or feel, we won’t be speaking again.

53. I bake a mean chocolate chip cookie.

54. Muffins, not so much.

55. I even sew.

56. I am NOT addicted to scrapbooking. Just because I have a room full of 12×12 paper, doesn’t mean I’m an addict.

57. I had horrible luck dating boys named Michael when I was younger.

58. I am still bitter that Emily is such a popular name right now.

59. I cross-stitch.

60. I make candles. With paraffin.

61. I like to make things with beads, but my crimp beads never hold. Clearly I am doing something wrong.

62. I have six full photo albums, one memento box, two full scrapbooks and two partially-full scrapbooks at home.

63. Of these, at least three photo albums are Frances photos, the memento box is hers, and so is one of the full scrapbooks. (Shut up! I am NOT an addict!)

64. I was being very choosy with the photographs. It could easily have been way more.

65. In fact, I need to get a new photo album today b/c we have no more space in any.

66. There is a really awful cover band playing outside right now in celebration of Canada Day.

67. I am very pale. I sunburn easily and don’t tan, period. Unless I burn first.

68. I like to wear clashing clothes.

69. A big part of dyeing my hair red for so many years was in order to clash with as many clothes as possible.

70. Unfortunately, my latest attempt (last year) didn’t work so well. I dyed it dark red over blond, which was fine. Except that the blond part fades way faster than the rest, so I had two hair colours: coppery blond and reddish brown. Then I didn’t know what to do so I started growing it out. As a result I now have, in addition ot the coppery blond and the dark reddish brown a nice helping of dark ash blond roots. I am so cool.

71. I dislike shopping.

72. Except for craft supplies. Then I love shopping.

73. I. Am. Canadian.

74. I don’t drink beer.

75. I don’t ski or skate.

76. I have never lived in an igloo.

77. In fact, I don’t even like hockey.

78. And it’s 93 F or 34 C here right now with the humidity. And forecast to get much warmer. So no, it’s NOT always cold in Canada.

79. I hate driving, yet I do it every day.

80. I belong to the NDP. (I know. You’re shocked, aren’t you?)

81. I am 5’8″.

82. I buy a lot of books. If I ever end up in a poorhouse, it will be from buying books. A few weeks back I went to a store and not only came home with four books, but three of them were hardcovers. I am incapable of waiting for paperbacks. Well, not incapable, but it hurts.

83. I believe most people are good and are doing the best they can.

84. I love roller coasters.

85. I hate debt. I have gone without food in order to avoid putting a balance on my credit card.

86. I had a pet ferret named Boo for eight years. She was sweet, affectionate, and never bit anyone.

87. I used to volunteer with the Big Sisters.

88. I dislike shades (black, white and grey). I have no favourite colours; but colours they must be.

89. Every day I bring a yogurt to work with me. Every day I forget to eat it and bring it home. every morning I find it in my lunch bag and throw it out.

90. And yet I continue to buy yogurts.

91. I don’t like chick flicks. Give me a blockbuster any day, as long as it doesn’t involve misogyny and too many car chases.

92. Even my escapist fiction has to be intelligent. I’m incapable of reading and enjoying something that doesn’t make me think.

93. When I can’t sleep, I blame Erik. It’s not fair, but I do it anyway.

94. I don’t believe the hype about the “obesity epidemic.”

95. I can count the number of concerts I’ve been to on one hand.

96. But I love music and own hundreds of cds.

97. Trying to write 101 things about me is making my head hurt.

98. I blame Danigirl.

99. I used to work out about 15 hours a week. Then I got asthma. I was forced to stop and never managed to get myself into it again. It bugs me.

100. But not so much that I might actually start working out again.

101. The only thing I can’t tolerate is intolerance.